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     When Jesus retreated to the mountain to pray alone, it was only to prepare Himself for His work.  Refreshed by time spent with His Father, He would return to heal the sick, teach the ignorant or misinformed, and break the chains of those in slavery to sin and Satan.

     As Jesus ministered to people’s needs, He taught His disciples to do the same.  He took them with Him as He walked through the cities and villages.  Sometimes they sat together on a mountainside or by the sea as He explained the mysteries of God’s kingdom.  He didn’t command them to do one thing or another.  Instead, He said, “Follow My way.”  He took them with Him on His journeys so they could see how He taught people.

     All who preach God’s Word or who live as witnesses to His love should follow Jesus’ example.  We should not isolate ourselves or avoid nonbelievers.  If we wish to reach people, we must meet them where they are ~ at home, at work, and at social gatherings.  Church is not the only place where God’s truth is to be shared.  If we try to preserve our religion by hiding it behind church walls, we’ll lose many social opportunities to help others and influence them for Jesus.

     We can show the world that we are not selfishly focused on ourselves, that our religion does not make us unsympathetic or judgmental.  If we claim to be following Jesus’ way, then we will minister to others as He did.

     Too many have the impression that Christians are gloomy, unhappy people.  Jesus’ followers are not statues ~ they are living men and women who have felt divine love in their hearts.  The light that shines there from Jesus is reflected to others in action that glow with the love of Heaven.


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