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     Satan tempts humans to the kind of drinking that clouds their minds and numbs their hearts.  Jesus invites us to give those urges and addictions to Him to control it.  It was Jesus who planned for John the Baptist to avoid alcoholic drinks.  Through His prophet Habakkuk, He said that the person who encouraged his neighbor to drink would be cursed.  The unfermented grape juice Jesus created was a refreshing and wholesome drink.

     Before long, the servants were questioned about the excellent new drink and they told about the miracle.  The guests were astounded!  By the time they began to ask about the Person who had performed the miracle, Jesus had slipped away unnoticed.

     So the guests turned to the disciples for answers.  For the first time, they had the opportunity to publicly express their faith in Jesus.  And when they told what they had seen and heard at the Jordan River, hope grew in the hearts of those who listened.

     News of the miracle spread until the priests and rulers in Jerusalem heard it.  With new interest, they searched the prophecies that pointed to the Messiah.

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