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     The humble attitude of this new Teacher was a real contrast to the Jewish rabbis.  Their lives centered around formal tradition and their fear of being “defiled” or touching someone or something that was unholy.

      Jesus started His ministry by coming close to the people.  While He showed great respect for God’s law, He rebuked the showy holiness of the Pharisees.  He wanted to free the people from the senseless rules that bound them.  He wanted to break down the barriers of society to bring all humans together as children of one family.  Attending the wedding feast was Jesus’ first step toward that goal.

     Also, by attending the wedding feast, Jesus honored the holy institution of marriage.  Over and over, Scripture uses marriage as an illustration of the relationship God wants with His people.  To Jesus, the joy of the wedding was a symbol of the joy on the day that He would bring His bride ~ the saved people of earth ~ home to His Father.

     Jesus was a social person.  He visited the homes of rich people and poor people.  He spoke with the educated and the ignorant, trying to lift their thoughts beyond everyday life to spiritual and eternal matters.  Jesus did not join in sinful or foolish pleasures.  Instead, He found real joy in scenes of innocent happiness like the marriage celebration in Cana.

      No matter where Jesus met a person, He saw him as someone who must be invited to join His kingdom.  He touched people’s hearts by mingling with them as someone who actually cared.  On the streets, in their homes, on boats, in the synagogues, by the lakeshore or at wedding feasts, Jesus met people and showed interest in their everyday lives.  At their work and in their homes, His sympathy with their concerns won their hearts.



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