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     “It is our place to explain Scripture, and your place to accept what we say,” they claimed.  They were annoyed that He would not accept their authority.  When they could not change His mind, they complained to Joseph and Mary.  Again, Jesus would be in trouble.

     At a very young age, Jesus had begun to think for Himself.  Nothing, not even His love and respect for His parents, could keep Him from obeying God’s Word.  But the rabbis made His life miserable.  Even as a young adult, He learned to endure quietly and patiently.

     Jesus’ brothers ~ the sons of Joseph ~ agreed with the rabbis that traditions should be followed as if required by God.  When Jesus stubbornly obeyed the Scriptures only, it made them very angry.  Knowing that Jesus had never been formally educated, they were surprised at how well He answered the rabbis.

     These things greatly annoyed His brothers.  Being older than Jesus, they felt that He should obey them.  They decided that He thought He was better than they were.  In fact, they accused Him of thinking He was wiser and better than their teachers, priests, and rulers.  When they threatened and harassed Him, Jesus endured it quietly.


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