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     The life of a Jewish child was controlled by the rules of the rabbis.  Young Jews were taught strict laws by the synagogue teachers and they were expected to keep each one.  Jesus always reading the Scriptures, often explained, “this is what God says.”

     As He began to understand society around Him, He saw that its demands were in direct conflict with the teachings of God.  Most people had lost sight of God’s Word and were following traditions that meant nothing.  The services that were supposed to help them understand God brought them no help. no peace.  They did not know the freedom of truly serving God.

     Jesus had come to show what it means to worship God.  He wanted no part of mixing human tradition with God’s law of selfless love.  He did not attack or condemn the synagogue teachers; He just did not follow them.  When He was criticized for His own simple habits, He pointed to God’s Word to explain.

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