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     On the way home with just His parents, Jesus hoped to help them understand His mission and the suffering it would bring.  His mother would be with Him at the cross, and He wanted to help her be strong enough to endure it.  It would be much easier on her then  if she would only see now what the Scriptures said must happen.

     One day of neglect cost Joseph and Mary three days of anxious searching.  The very same thing happens to us, one day of gossiping, criticizing others, and neglecting prayer will separate us from Jesus.  And it may take many days to feel His peace in our hearts again.  We should be careful in our busy lives not to forget Jesus.

     When we become so caught up in everyday things that we don’t even think of Jesus, we separate ourselves from Him and His angels.  Angels cannot stay where Jesus is not wanted or is even missed.  This is why many who claim to be followers of Christ are discouraged most of the time. 

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