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     His human parents were almost overwhelmed.  They had heard some of His discussion with the rabbis and were astonished by His words.  Somehow they had lost sight of who He really was and of their honor in raising Him.  For an entire day they had lost sight of the One they should not have forgotten for a moment.  And being human, when they finally found Him, they blamed Him for being lost.

     Jesus‘ answer to His mother showed for the first time that He understood His relationship to God.  For now, nothing changed, He returned home with them and worked for them as He had before.  The mystery of His mission stayed hidden in His heart as He waited patiently for the right time to begin His work.  For eighteen years after He knew that He was the Son of God, He honored His obligations at home in Nazareth as a son, a brother, a friend, and a citizen.



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