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     The observance of the Passover began at the very beginning of the Hebrew nation.  It happened on their last night as slaves in Egypt.  Even though there seemed to be no hope of escaping their Egyptian masters, God told them to get ready to leave.  So the Hebrews left Egypt as an independent nation. 

     The Passover ceremonies were followed by the seven days’ feast of unleavened bread.  On the second day of the feast, the “first fruits” of the harvest ~ a sheaf of barley ~ was offered to God as a sacrifice. 

     All of the ceremonies of the feast  were symbols of Jesus, the coming Savior.  The deliverance from Egypt was a lesson in salvation, and the first fruits of the harvest were symbols of the Messiah.

     By the time Jesus came, most people had forgotten the meaning of the services and were just going through the motions.  But imagine how much it all meant to the Son of God, to twelve-year-old Jesus!


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