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     But Jesus avoided the spotlight of attention and popularity.  Not once in all His years in Nazareth did He perform a miracle.  His quiet and simple life ~ shown by how little the Bible tells us of His early years ~ teaches us an important lesson.  The more quiet and simple a child’s life is ~ the free from artificial excitement, the more in tune with nature ~ the more favorable it is to physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

     Jesus is our Example.  Many who study with interest His years of public ministry pass over the teaching of His early years.  But it is in His home life that He is the example for all children and young adults.

     The Savior lowered Himself to poverty so that He could teach how closely we who have little status or influence can walk with God.  He lived to honor, and glorify His Father in the common things of life.  He was doing God’s work just as much when laboring in the carpenter shop as when working miracles for the crowds.  And all young adults who follow Jesus’ example of faithfulness and obedience in His simple home can know that God sees them also and delights in their service.


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