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     The joy in Jesus’ heart often came out in songs.  When His weary neighbors heard His voice praising God, their own hearts were lightened.  His songs seemed to fill a place with fragrance like incense, and to drive away evil.

     Through all those years in Nazareth, Jesus’ life flowed out in sympathy and tenderness.  The elderly, the sad, those with heavy burdens, playing children, little creatures in the trees, the donkeys and oxen at work; all of them were happier when He was around. 

The One who set the planets in place would stop to help a wounded bird.

     As Jesus grew both taller and wiser, He was loved by God and was better liked by the people around Him.  The atmosphere of hope and courage that surrounded Him made Him welcome in every home.  Often, in the synagogue on the Sabbath, He was asked to read the lesson from the prophets.  When He did, the hearts of all who heard were moved by new thoughts from the familiar words.

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