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     Of course, this caused their rulers ~ like Herod ~ to hate them and their promised Messiah.  In this way, they created the feelings that led to the slaughter in Bethlehem.  Satan tried to use the Jews’ pride to destroy Jesus.  But instead of injuring Him, their twisted words came back to hurt them and their children.

     Herod’s act of cruelty in Bethlehem was one of his last.  Soon after his slaughter of the innocent children, he was forced to face his own horrible death.  At that time an angel spoke to Joseph who was still hiding his family in Egypt.  It was time to go home.

     Joseph wanted to make their home in Bethlehem, the city of David, since Jesus was the Heir to the throne of David.  But Herod’s territory had been divided by his sons when he died and Archelaus was the ruler in Judea, where Bethlehem was located.  Joseph was afraid that Archelaus would try to do as his father had.

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