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     Joseph had a similar dream warning him to leave Bethlehem and take his family to Egypt.  The angel said, ” ‘Herod is starting to look for the child so he can kill him.  Stay in Egypt until I tell you to return’ ” [Matthew 2:13].  Leaving after dark for greater safety, Joseph wasted no time getting his family out of town.

     God used the wise men to draw the attention of the Jews to the birth of His Son.  Their questions in Jerusalem, the jealousy of Herod, the actions of the priests ~ all these things led many to consider the prophecies about the Messiah.  it made them think that something great might have happened right before their very eyes.

     Satan was determined to shut out God’s light from the world, to destroy the Savior.  But the God who never sleeps was watching over His Son.  He gave Mary and the baby Jesus a hiding place in Egypt.  The gifts of the wise men paid for the journey and their expenses while they were there.


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