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     The Jewish priests were not as ignorant about the birth of the Messiah as they pretended to be.  The story of the angels’ visit to the shepherds had been told in Jerusalem, but the rabbis had treated it as unworthy of their attention.  They themselves could have gone and found Jesus.  

     They could have been ready to lead the wise men to His birthplace.  But instead, it was the wise men who called their attention to the birth of the Messiah.

     It proved that the priests and rabbis were not the only source of the truth from God.  These proud teachers would not stoop to be instructed by those whom they thought of as heathen.  It was not possible, they said, that God would bypass them to speak to ignorant shepherds or heathen Gentiles. 

     The Jewish leaders showed how they felt about the stories that were exciting King Herod and the people of Jerusalem.  They would not even bother to go to Bethlehem.  Instead, they told all who would listen that only foolish fanatics would be interested in the stories of Jesus’ birth.


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