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     Once again, Joseph was led to a safe place.  He took the family back to Nazareth, his former home.  There, young Jesus lived and grew up, fulfilling the prophecy that He would be called a “Nazarene.” 

Galilee, the region where Nazareth was located, had a much larger mix of foreign people than the region of Judea.  Because of this, there was less interest in things that concerned only Jews.  The claims about Jesus were not likely to concern those in power there.  

     There seemed to be no place of safety for the infant Savior when he came to earth.  God could not trust His beloved Son with humans even while He was carrying out His plan to save them.  He sent angels to be with Jesus to protect Him until He accomplished His mission on earth ~ until He was killed by death on the cross ~ by the those He came to save.


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