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     These men had seen a mysterious light in the heavens on the night that God’s glory had flooded the hills around Bethlehem.  And as that light faded, a bright star appeared.  it was not a star or a planet, but it remained visible in the same spot each night.

     This “star” was actually a company of brilliantly shining angels, but the wise men did not know that.  It did seem that the star had a special meaning for them.  The spoke to priests and philosophers and searched the oldest scrolls in the land.  Balaam’s prophecy claimed, ” ‘A star will come from Jacob; a ruler will rise from Israel’ ” [Numbers 24:17].

     Was the strange star a sign that the Promised One had arrived?  These wise men believed the truth when they discovered it.  Now God rewarded them.  In a dream they were told to go and find the newborn Prince.  Because it was their custom to give gifts to newborn royalty, they took with them the most valuable things they owned.  The richest treasures of their land were brought as an offering to the One who would bless every family on earth.


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