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     To the amazement of the priest, he took the baby from Mary’s arms and held Him up to God.  With a joy beyond any he had ever felt before, he said, ” ‘Now, Lord, you can let, your servant, die in peace as you said.  With my own eyes I have seen your salvation, which you prepared before all people.  It is a light for the non-Jewish people to see and an honor for your people, the Israelites’ ” [Luke 2:29-32].

     Just then, another believer named Anna, who was also a prophet, came in.  She confirmed Simeon’s words.  As he spoke, her face lighted up with the glory of God.  She also poured out heartfelt thanks that she had been allowed to see the Messiah.

     These two humble worshippers had studied the prophecies of the Messiah and had opened their hearts to God.  While the priests and rulers in Israel ~ with the same prophecies to study ~ had not.  And it still happens today.  Events that are the center of attention in heaven go unnoticed by His people on earth.  The call to do His work in spite of poverty or criticism is as ignored today as it was 2,000 years ago.

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