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    The King of the universe gave up all to become human, His supernatural splendor was buried deep.  He wanted only the appeal of truth ~ real, heavenly truth ~ to grab people’s interest.  He wanted people to accept Him because they recognized Him from the words of Scripture.

     The angels were amazed at this plan to save humankind.  They watched to see how those who claimed to follow God would accept God’s son, when He looked just like one of them.  The people and priests in Jerusalem were not preparing to welcome their Savior.

     God had spared the Jewish nation so they could witness that Jesus would indeed be born from the family of Abraham and King David.  It was almost time for Jesus’ birth but God’s people did not know.  Not even the priests and teachers knew that the most amazing event of history was about to take place.  They said prayers they did not mean; they went through the motions of worship only to impress others.  Since they cared only about riches and honor, they were not ready for the coming of Jesus, the Messiah, the Promised One.  


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