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     The bodies of human beings, made to be God’s dwelling place, had become the homes of demons.  With supernatural skill, human senses and passions were perverted causing people to do the most degrading things.  Demon eyes looked through human faces.

     This is just what the world’s Savior saw when He looked down upon His children.  What a heartbreaking sight!  Sin had become a science and evil was now a part of religion.  Without God, there was no hope for humanity.

     Other worlds watched with intense interest to see if the God of heaven would sweep the earth clean of humanity.  Satan watched as well, ready with a plan to win the loyalty of heavenly beings.  He had declared that the principles of God’s government made forgiveness impossible.  If humans were destroyed, Satan would have trumpeted this as proof that he was right all along, and then spread his rebellion to the other worlds.


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