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     God had been speaking to the world in many ways:  through nature, through symbols, and through His prophets and leaders.  Now it was time to speak more clearly, in a language all could understand.  Jesus must come, so that His life and His words would show the truth about God and the plan of redemption to the whole world.

     The still faithful believers among the Jews, knew what the Scriptures said:  a Prophet, an Anointed One, a Mighty Prince was coming to save their people, His people ~ the entire human race.  

     They knew the Messiah must come soon, few understood the true purpose of Jesus’ mission.  Most expected a mighty warrior and king who would free Israel and make it the mightiest nation on earth.

     They were right about this:  the time had come.  For ages, Satan had been working to keep earth and heaven separate.  With his lies, he enticed humans to evil, hoping to wear out God’s patience, to extinguish God’s love for them.


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