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     Adam, Eve, their children, and their children’s children lived and died without seeing the Messiah.  From Enoch to Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph, the promise was passed on, but the waiting continued.  The vision given to Daniel predicted the time of Jesus’ first coming, but not everyone understood the message.  Century after century of time went by, leaving many to wonder if the promise would ever be kept.

     Like the endless movement of stars and planets, God’s plans are not rushed or delayed.  In heaven, the hour for the coming of the Messiah had been set.  And when the great clock of time pointed to that moment, Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

     At this time, many were losing faith in their belief systems.  People, long tired of complicated stories and fables, were searching for a religion that would meet the needs of their hearts.  While God’s truth seemed to have faded from the earth, many were searching for light.  To know the true God and for some hope of life after death.


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