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     At the time of Jesus’ birth, the nation was grumbling against its Roman rulers.  Arguing and fighting among the Jewish religious and political power groups was getting worse.  The priests became very corrupt.  Still they carried great power, and mostly used it for selfish reasons.

      In addition to the demands of the priests were the heavy taxes of the Romans.  Popular rebellions popped up frequently.  Greed, violence, and a lack of interest in spiritual things were eating the heart right out of the nation.

     The people, in their dark despair, and the rulers, in their thirst for revenge and power, both longed for the day when the Messiah would appear and restore the kingdom of Israel.

     So they overlooked the scriptures that pointed out the humble nature of Jesus’ first coming.  And they misapplied those scriptures that mentioned the power and glory of His second coming.  Pride blurred their vision, they interpreted prophecy to fit into their own selfish plans.


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