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The plan to save humans was not an afterthought.  It was in place before Adam and Eve gave in to evil.  The plan was a natural result of the law of selfless love.  God’s throne and the operation of the universe was founded on this principle.  From eternity, God and Jesus knew of Lucifer’s fall and that his lies would lead humans astray, to rebel alongside Satan.

God did not create evil.  He did not want it to exist.  But He knew that it would happen and made a plan to deal with that most critical emergency.  His plan revealed the great love He had for this world and humanity.  He promised to give His one and only Son, ” ‘… that who so ever believes in Him may not be lost, but have eternal life’ ” (John 3:16).

Satan in his selfishness wanted to be more important, more honored.  He wanted to become a god.  Jesus, in His selfless love, did not care about glory or honor.  HE became a human being.



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