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The law of selfless love was broken in heaven itself.  Evil began as selfishness.  Lucifer, the brightest and mightiest angel, wanted more.  He wanted to be the most important being in heaven.  He tried to gain control of the other angels by breaking their loyalty to God.  He wanted the angels looking at him.

He began implying that God was demanding worship and loyalty.  He painted God as a self-centered dictator who tolerated no questions and no doubts.  With these suggestions, Satan deceived the angels.  With the same ideas, he would deceive humans.  He led them to doubt God’s word and to question HIS goodness.  He tricked them into seeing a God of justice and awesome majesty as cruel and unforgiving.  By misrepresenting God’s character, Satan pulled humans into his rebellion.  The long dark night of earth’s history began. 

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