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All of nature lives to give.  Flowers share their fragrance and beauty.  The sun gives its life-sustaining light.  The ocean, source of all water on earth, returns the water it is fed by rivers and streams in the rain and snow that fall on the earth.

In the same way, angels find their joy in giving.  With great love, they watch over weak and evil humans.  Into this dark world, they bring the light of heaven; with gentle patience, they work to show humans the love of God and bring them into a relationship with Jesus.

In Jesus we see God most clearly.  He shows us without doubt that His Father’s greatest joy ~ His greatest glory ~ is to give.  God’s life flows out to the universe in His ministry for all created beings.  It flows out through His beloved Son, and through His Son it returns in praise and joyful service.  It becomes a great wave of love, flowing back to the Source of life.  Through Jesus, the circle of life and love is complete.


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