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Jesus came to show that Satan was wrong.  As a human, He would show that the law could be kept.  He had to face all the temptations that any human would face.  If anyone had to bear a trial that Jesus did not, then Satan would claim that God’s power was not strong enough for us.  Because of this, Jesus endured every trial that we face.  He used no power that God does not offer freely to anyone.

As a human, He faced temptations with the strength given to Him by God.  He went about doing good and healing those who suffered.  He showed the truth about God’s law and what it means to serve God.  Jesus’ life proves that it is possible for us also to obey God’s law.

By His humanity, Jesus reached humans.  By His divinity, He kept hold on the throne of God.  As the Son of man, He gave us an example of living by God’s law.  As the Son of God, He gives us the power to do the very same.  He is our Guarantee that evil can be overcome.  Through His power, heaven’s laws can be obeyed.

Jesus gave up honor and glory to become a human.  He showed that His character is just the opposite of Satan’s.  But Jesus went ever further.  He did not just become a human.  He became a sacrifice to save lost humans, His children.


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