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During the American Revolutionary War, Peter Miller heard that an aquaintance named Widman had been sentenced to die as a traitor.  He hurried through a storm to General Washington and pleaded for Widman’s life.

Washington replied, “I would like to release Widman, because he is your friend, but I dare not, even for that consideration.”

“My friend!” exclaimed Miller.  “He is my worst enemy!”


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  1. I just listened to the Shawn McDonald “Rise” link that was on your blog. It’s a well-produced piece, with a catchy chorus and a strong hook. I’ve not heard of Shawn before, so I appreciate your adding the link. Being a Songwriter and Composer, I really appreciate getting additional exposure to various music genre’s.

    In the short story that you posted, I was left with wanting to know your reflections about it.

    I was left with wanting to know more regarding how Widman was considered a traitor.

    In our world today, I’m seeing more and more of our civil liberties being eroded, so that’s wear my attention wondered off to.

    Maybe I was supposed to consider the moral of the story, and for me the moral of the story begins with first understanding the elements, facts and the foundation.



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