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As I studied the power and impact of intercessory prayer, I concluded that one needs to be fitted in a special way to conduct a successful prayer ministry.  The most important thing we must receive is a mind like that of Christ.  “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”  Philippians 2:5 

I only wish that our Lord had a special intensive care unit for those devastated by the ravages of evil and oppressed by Satan. 

I open the Word of God to Matthew 27 where we read about the Crucifixion, then I plead in prayer the merits of the blood that Christ had shed on Calvary as the reason why the people I just talked to, should receive divine help.  A prayer ministry that would bless the lives of a great many persons, bringing them the peace of His love in a cruel world.  So grateful to mention that the Monarch of the galaxies has crowned my efforts with His divine blessings, many times.  At times I realize that some of my friends have been under the constant attack of Satan and have struggled with depressing thoughts and experiences.  Yes, their lives are in a sad state of affairs, and I refuse to sit back and do nothing while God’s enemies increase their efforts to defeat Christ’s work in man’s behalf, and to fasten souls in their snares. 



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