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As I considered my Savior, I found my heart soaring in thanksgiving for all the many blessings He had so compassionately bestowed on others in answer to my prayers.  And my joy in the Lord was so great as I reflected upon God’s never-failing compassion toward me, a most undeserving human being.  As I lay at the point of death, I asked God to allow me to witness His healing touch at work in that ICU.  I thanked the Great Physician, the Author of our being, for answering my prayers.

As I had discovered years before during a time when I had been personally involved in spirit worship, demonic spirits struggle hard before yielding their prey to the power of the Spirit of God.  For about 15 minutes a large number of patients experienced increasing distress, and nurses actually ran to their aid.  My prayers were answered in miraculous ways in that not only were the patients doing better, but also the peace of heaven now blessed those present in the intensive care unit.  A state of quietness invaded the place.  Nurses leisurely stood in the doorways of the glassed-in rooms as their patients actually fell asleep in the peace and comfort previously denied them.  As for myself, I could feel the presence of God.


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