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Why wasn’t it understood?  Why is it so little understood even today?  The answer is simple.  The enemy does not want it understood.  The enemy of God and man is not willing that this truth should be clearly presented; for he knows that if the people receive it fully, his power will be broken.

The enemy does not want it understood.  But it is understand or perish !

I have felt sad to see some trying to preach justification by faith when they did not know a thing about it in reality.  Until you know it in Christ Jesus, then it will be natural, and God’s power will be with you.

It is meant to break the power of the enemy.  And it is capable of doing just that.  That is why the enemy of men does not want it understood.  It is a threat to his power over mankind.  But it is exactly what humans need ~ something to break the power of evil in their lives.  Things have not changed, no matter how sophisticated the veneer.  You can arrange seminars on drug abuse, panels on situations ethics, and symposiums on hypnotism or sensitivity training or whatever may be the latest fad ~ and it may or may not do some good.  But what people really want to know is how to break the chains, what we call “vicious cycle.”  Nothing else will do.

It’s understand or perish !

And so if you do not understand, if the term “righteousness by faith” leaves you cold, there are three things you can do.  You can stand aside and wonder.  Or you can scoff.  Or you can go to your knees and find the reality for yourself ~ and never regret it !


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