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It all centers in a Person.  When the Person is gone the experience is gone.  And then the old defeat comes back.  I know how very sad it is to look at the inconsistencies in the lives of those who claim to have experienced righteousness by faith ~ and to say it has not done much for them.  I am often tempted to do just that myself.  And you may say it of me.  I do not claim any qualification to write on this vital subject except the miracle that I have experienced myself.

But the miracle is the Person.  I have lost the experience whenever I have lost staying in touch with this awesome Person.  And so will you, we need to daily enjoy His presence.  Once you have known Him, you can never be satisfied without Him.  The pain of separation is there.  And it is severe.  And the only way to end the suffering is to end the separation.

And so it is your privilege and mine to look away from the weakness in us to the power of the living Christ.  By our own choice we can end the separation and keep the Person.  And as long as the Person is there we can never perish !!


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