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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Well, just finished browsing through all of the student blogs on the wiki page.  And guess what I’ve just found out to my surprise & delight.  There is another person already blogging on bringing attention to the much needed adoption of pets.  So, that means that I can go ahead and post on some other interesting topic.  Like I was thinking writing about these great pretenders, we call them humans.


How do we resist evil?.

Erin was very exited to know that there are some people out in the community interested in bringing attention to the much needed adoption of pets, that for some reason or other have fallen into the description:  abandoned, not wanted anymore, cannot afford you anymore; like I just had a baby and with the diapers being so expensive I cannot afford to buy your pet food anymore?

By the end of the class group where we are supposed to suggest the title for our own personal “Blog,” the three topics that came up for me were:  chocolate, pause for life, and pets.  I was really pushing for either a blog on pets or the blog on people skills.  My fellow class members in the end said that the blog for the pets “benefits” was the best fit for me.

It sounded really interesting to “blog” about the shenanigans of daily living ~ the things people do, day in and day out.  Just about everything in this world has something so particular that we do in order to keep the label “a well-rounded human being”.  God forbid, people would approach me with comments that seem to suggest anything other than me being an absolute “normal” person.

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